So bro, is your laptop back in working order now?

im actually using my darling mother’s laptop right now.. :(

Wow. You are pretty.

you’re actually making me blush :3

how am i still gaining followers?

You haven't posted in awhile! I miss you <\3

i knoooow! :( i miss answering asks too, i promise as soon as i fix my laptop i’ll definitely start posting more contents. i miss you all…


My laptop is being a little idjit! I fucking hate this! I cant post or load any pictures on my dash. There are so many good ask right now and i really want to get to them as soon as possible.

I need help over here, anyone?

*meow* @ countingmuses

"I regret this decision immediately." 

”, I would say Ray. You know, because reasons..”

”..A scarf with love in every stitch.”

”..shout-out to Let’s Play Minecraft - Cloud Down.”

"Damn.. you got me. I’m not gonna lie, I still couldn’t come-up with a name for her." :|

Good News! You now have the chance to name the cweeper! Any takers?

"…it’s not like he hates them."

"No need for rivalries."

"Also, did you see my ginormous dick monument!?” @ azuresea94